Sewing found me


I have a sewing room… but I somehow managed to migrate to the kitchen table ❤

I recently started sewing for my daughter and she has been my muse since. Sounds kind of bias as I still have 3 kids I didn’t mention.

How sad that this is the only current picture I have of all 4 kiddos – Parent Fail … BUT at least I have one!


Well see the thing is… My first 3 are boys! Lol rowdy, loud, obnoxious, caring, loving, BOYS. Sewing never crossed my mind during infancy and toddlers years.

Once we found out our youngest was a girl. I wanted to buy all things pink: pink car seat, pink stroller, pink clothes…. Pink clothes.

Well, I have to say. The wonderful ladies of the children’s boutique world are making a killing, a killing that my pockets were screaming STOP.

So, what’s a mom to do who has no relatives who sew, no sewing machine and wants a 1st Thanksgiving outfit. Naturally, she goes buys a plain long sleeve shirt, grabs fabric glue, thread, needle and fabric.

So as it goes, I glued the hem, hand pleated the skirt and glued the skirt to the shirt. Was so thrilled I made my first outfit.


As we’re getting ready for our family function. I tell my husband to get our daughter dressed. He goes and takes her to gets dressed and then all of a sudden…. I could hear a pin drop. “Babe, don’t be mad but… The dress ripped as I put it on over her head.” (Knowing what I know now, well of course it did! Lol) I said its ok and just put it on her. He brought her out, I was a little sad but said Ehhh, the tear wasn’t THAT bad.

Well needless to say, my husband felt awful, but was proud of my handy work. 2 months  later he and my mom surprised me with my very first sewing machine and have been addicted since!

I’m 1 year new and can’t wait to share my amazing sewing adventures with you!

Peace, love & bedoo bedoo

❤ Sofia



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