Bella Sunshine Designs: Adaline Dress & Tunic

Ok, I told myself I was going to hold out for Febuary 12th, but the blog world is calling my name and I have soooo much to share with you ❤

As I’m sitting here preparing for this weeks upcoming events. I felt like the biggest procrastinator. Last month, I was given 2 patterns before launch. I was ecstatic as any fan girl would be. I had plans to go to Joann Fabrics, purchase my materials and get started… Then life happened, kids happened, meeting deadlines happened & a month passed by.

WELL, its better late then never & this week on PDF Pattern Sales and Promotion is featuring 5 designers, 1 of which I‘m writing a blog for!

So as I said, I received Adaline & Gabriella by Bella Sunshine Designs by winning the Instagram challenge
Contest is OVER, photos courtesy of Bella Sunshine Designs.

I would love to say I was able to complete both today. But, sadly I only completed Adaline.
Adaline, Sweet, Adaline ❤ 


I just have to say, before even getting started, I noticed some thing’s I’ve never seen in the PDF Pattern community. Melissa, Owner and Designer of Bella Sunshine Designs has done an amazing job with the detail of the instructions and pattern pieces. While I would love to indulge on the pattern piece details, lets just say taping and cutting are made simple due to the detail of the lines 😉

Adaline includes:
Easy to understand instructions
Layered printing
Long & Short Sleeve
Dress or Tunic Length
Button with placket
 Color blocking or solid bodice   

From cut to finish and multiple interruptions I was able to finish in just under 5 hours. I would highly recommend this for adventurous beginner/intermediate. The only reason why I say intermediate is, unless you’re comfortable with buttonholes it will be something new.

20160120_144454                                          20160120_144615

The pieces fit together perfect and the completed product fit so comfortable on my little… she ended up falling asleep in it! SCORE!

If you haven’t had the chance to check out  the website Bella Sunshine Designs stop by a take a look or the Instagram page !

Also you can submit your favorite creation from the 5 listed Designers in the PDF Pattern Sales and Promotion Group 1/20/16-1/21/16. Simply add your photo and comment #PDFLOVE & if it’s a Bella Sunshine Designs #ADALINE #BELLASUNSHINEDESIGNS

I hope you enjoy Adaline as much as I did! Make sure to share photos on Bella Sunshine Designs Pattern Group. We all would love to see what you create!

Peace, Love and Bedoo Bedoo
❤ Sofia

Make sure to stay tuned for future reviews and opinions on patterns. I hope to blog about Gaberilla‘s before winter is over ❤


2 thoughts on “Bella Sunshine Designs: Adaline Dress & Tunic

  1. Yay! We were just “chatting” about blogging and here you are! I’m stitching up a hack of this dress for a tour next month. I love your version! (Now, go check your stats and see how many views you have so far… I watch that like a weirdo every time I have a new post.)


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