All things Fabric-Fix

Have you ever heard of a monthly fabric subscriptions? I have here and there but have never given a second thought to look deeper into what a monthly fabric subscription was. Well, I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Emily Rhodes Thibodaux owner and operator of She gave some wonderful insight on her new business and what to expect.

But before I delve into the nitty gritty, I would like to give a brief history of the mastermind behind Fabric-Fix, Meet Emily! She is a retired hairdresser of 16 years. After retiring, she discovered she had a passion for sewing. She opened up a clothing shop L&E Creation and very quickly developed a deep obsession with fabric. She enjoys unique notions and experimenting with coordinating fabrics. This is what fueled the development of her company and in turn Fabric-Fix.com12620605_10208487048563326_2025178227_o

So what is Fabric-Fix? Well I’m glad you asked! is a monthly subscriptions. It offers 3 different pricing options.

I will add, if you think about… On average for 1 shopping trip, how much do you spend? Then ask yourself, how many times do you frequently shop at a fabric store? So with that in mind, the pricing is VERY reasonable. Especially if you enjoy surprises… fabric surprises at that!

Subscriptions are as follows:

  • $35 a month you get 2 yards of fabric, 1 pattern and 1 notions
  • $45 a month you get 2-3 yards of fabric, 1 pattern and 2 notions
  • And for $55 (Best Value) you get 3-4 yards of designer fabric, 1 pattern and 3 notions.

Please note: There is a one time $10 sign up fee. Subscriptions are accepted up to the 1st of every month and packages ship on the 15th. If there are ever extra packages available, they will be listed for individual sale on

For the newbies of the fabric world (raise your hand and say I… “I”) there really is a difference in fabric. Of course all fabric frays and will get worn down over time. But have you every wondered why the cheaper fabric is so thin and flimsy? Why the cheap fabric rips or can’t withhold the same amount of wear and tear as that splurge buy you decided to make that one time? Well I’m here to tell you its quality. That is why Emily teamed up with some of the most popular fabric designers to give you the best! Some of the designers are:

Riley Blake
Michael Miller
Art Gallery
& Camelot, just to name a few

In case the designer fabric doesn’t have you excited enough. February’s featured pattern company is Create Kids Couture!

I have seen a sneak peak of what is to come for February’s monthly mix. While I can’t share a picture (I’d love too! lol) What I can tell you is you will not be disappointed!

I know you’re wondering… Ok, so what’s the catch. I’m here to tell you there is none. If you enjoy fabric as much as any sewing enthusiast does. This is a wonderful opportunity to get the latest fabric from some of the top designers without having to spend an arm and a leg and multiple shipping and handling fees. This is all in one and gives you an array of options. So what better way, to spend that 1 trip worth of fabric then to spend it on a monthly subscription.

I am patiently awaiting the arrival of my goodies! So stayed tuned for a later blog as I share with you what I get inside my package and what I make!

Make sure to follow Emily’s businesses on Facebook here fabric-fix & L&E creation. By following Fabric-Fix you’ll receive exclusive information regarding monthly packages and get the latest information. If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact Emily through facebook or the website. If you have an Instagram follow Fabric-Fix HERE! Make sure to #fabricfix and share your creations with what you have made. Also, if you haven’t had the chance to check out the amazing patterns of Create Kids Couture, check them out here!

Hope this has piqued your interest! Head on over and subscribe, you still have time!

Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo ❤




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