Lil Luxe Dress Goes Comfy

Lil Luxe dress is everything in between!! So many options, dress it up or down you can’t go wrong ❤ I will be participating in the Lil Luxe Dress sew-a-long this coming Sunday. It is a week long sew-a-long with fellow Lil Luxe enthusiast to sew up one of Jessica Bustos recent designs Lil Luxe […]

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Filles à Maman: Meet Jolie

So today’s post is way overdue. I recently had the amazing opportunity to test for Melanie Henry designer of Filles à Maman. She had posted a tester call and stated that this design would be featured in One Thimble Digital Magazine (E-Zine). First off, huge congratulations to Melanie for being featured in One Thimble!!! ❤ In […]

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Curvy Haute Pants

Please tell me I’m not the only who who cringes when going to the department store to find pants. I hate that I have to look at the very bottom of the stack just to find my size…. &  9 times out of 10 the size I need is unavailable. Which is another hassle in […]

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Fabric-Fix Goodies

Remember the Fabric Fix blog I did!? Well I received my items and was able to get some selfish sewing time and sew some spring items for my little one. Lets start with the package! I got a little excited and forgot to snap a picture of the unopened package, but I love the extra […]

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Wardrobe By Me gets Curvy

I literally loath the idea of going to the store and having to try things on. I know either its going to be too big, too small or will plan out not be the style I’m looking for. So when the opportunity arose to sew something for myself I took it. May I add, even […]

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