Blaverry: Whitley




So I don’t know if you had the chance to read the about me section. But, I’m fairly new to sewing and have only been sewing for a year. With that said, I didn’t start sewing until my daughter was 6 months old. I started with a paper pattern and was so confused I about gave up sewing. Someone had suggested PDF patterns and soon became quickly addicted. lol (You know how that goes!) Shortly after I started sewing, I found Blaverry…OH MY GOSH!!

BLAVERRY… What can I say, other than the designs itself are fashion forward, trendy and sophisticated! I was hooked the first time I saw everything, lol. At the time I was so bummed out that I had to wait what seemed like forever before little miss could get into any Blaverry designs.  I will say, for some reason I thought Blaverry started off at a higher size range. Did you know and what makes Blaverry so much more appealing, the size ranges from 2T – 16 years! YES…. UP to size 16! That is a huge size range and you’ll get loads of uses out of just one pattern. Which in turn is worth the price in the end.

So who is the mastermind and designer behind all the amazing designs, Christie Archer. I had messaged Christie and asked if she had a fan group on Facebook. While she doesn’t yet, this is something she is considering… (SO FANS MAKE SOME NOISE!) I also told her that I’ve been eyeing her designs since my little one was a baby and was anxiously waiting for her to meet the sizing requirements.

BONUS: All Blaverry designs have a sizing chart so you can see ahead of time which size you need to make. I know not all designers do this, so it is nice to have that before purchasing a pattern. 

With that said, Christie had suggested Whitley as my starting point. It is a knit dress that hits mid thigh. Whitley… Sweet & sophisticated Whitley ❤

This turned out better than I ever expected. My daughters chest is 19.75″ so literally I was right at the cusp of being able to fit into the 2T. I gave it a go and I’m so glad I did.

Whitley features:
• Layered pattern
• Easy to read pattern piece
• Detailed instructions and illustrations
• My biggest thing – easy to tape instructions
• New technique for knits
• Double needle option



Ok, so I’ve heard of welt pockets on jeans (probably can do welt pockets on other things) but never on a dress…. a knit dress at that! If you’ve never done welt pockets the instructions help walk you through step by step.

The design itself is simple and quick and took me about an hour. If you’ve never worked with knit this could definitely be a starting point. The pieces are minimal which make for an easy sew.  If you’re too intimated by the pockets you can simply leave them off and still have an amazing dress.


Blaverry has so many amazing designs. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the website, you can find it HERE or Facebook business page HERE. And if you have an Instagram follow HERE!

Make sure to make some noise, so Christie can start a fan page so we have a community to ask questions and share our Blaverry outfits.

Hope you enjoyed my Blaverry blog ❤


Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo

Sofia ❤



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