Stormy Meets Tulle

Ok, so I’m seriously sew excited to write this blog today.

I recently had a friend approach me and ask me to make a skirt. Not just any plain ol’ skirt, but a high waist tulle skirt. You’ve probably seen them on Pinterest. I looked everywhere to try and find a skirt and come up short. I did end up finding the perfect pattern, but would have to test my modifying skills. Good thing it was a simple hack!

So I used Create Kids Couture Women’s Stormy Skater Skirt. It is such a quick and fun pattern. Make sure to click on the link to purchase your Stormy’s! Bonus, Stormy has no pieces, so just quick cutting and your on to sewing!

What Stormy has to offer:
Sizing chart (XS – XL)
Cutting chart
Easy to walk through instructions
Easy to follow photos
Fabric requirement
Photos for inspiration
No cutting and taping patter pieces!

So with the said… Let’s get started on the skirt! 


ELASTIC: I used 1” braided elastic for the waistband

WAISTBAND: So for the waistband I add another 6” so when I folded in half it was the right length I needed it to be. Note: I used the same lining fabric I used for the underskirt.

UNDERSKIRT: I purchased lining material at Jo-Ann Farbic’s to make the underskirt. I cut 2 x WOF (Width of Fabric) and cut 2” above to where the skirt would end (Note: I also took into account the waistband, so make sure to subtract the waistband length when figuring the skirt length) Once you have the underskirt the length you want follow Stormy’s instructions on hemming ❤

TULLE: I did 12 layers of Tulle! I used 2 different widths the 54”-60” and the 120″ both will work! If using the 120″ make sure to place the seam on the side, or if you prefer your seam on the back center… that works too! When using the 120″ I cut the length I needed x WOF and sewed the one seam. With the 54″-60″ I cut 2, length I needed and the WOF. Note: I cut the tulle 1″-2″ longer than the underskirt to where the hem will actually fall. Nice thing with tulle is you do not need to hem!

ATTACHING WAISTBAND: Now you could follow the instructions from Stormy or you could use CKC Blog to make for a more professional finish. CKC did a blog on enclosing seams, found HERE. I opted for the more professional finish to enclose seams. To add, I used hemming tape that I picked up at my local fabric store. Make sure you’re pinning like crazy because the tulle likes to move around.

Now you can finish with the rest of Stormy’s instructions! Pretty simple and here is the finish product! I will say it is a little time consuming working with tulle so make sure you give yourself time, if you plan on making this for a special event.



Have you give big thanks To Vy for bringing such an amazing project to my plate. Loved being able to see the skirt in action as the evening unfolded!

Tips for keeping your Tulle tamed:
1 cup of lukewarm water
2 teaspoons of fabric softener
Spray water bottle

Mix liquids and spray 8“-10″ away from tulle. Starting from the bottom layer evenly distribute and finger brush the tulle to have softener set. Let dry and you’re good to go!

You can follow Create Kids Couture Here:
Facebook fan page
Facebook business page

Hope you enjoyed today’s modification! Stayed tuned for a later blog for a special surprise ❤

Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo



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