Wardrobe By Me gets Curvy

I literally loath the idea of going to the store and having to try things on. I know either its going to be too big, too small or will plan out not be the style I’m looking for. So when the opportunity arose to sew something for myself I took it. May I add, even though I make clothing regularly for my daughter it was nerve wracking to make something for myself. I think it was more of the idea that I was putting myself out there for the Facebook/Fabric/PDF Pattern community to see and not knowing what to expect. Feelings aside I said screw it and signed up and I’m so glad I did.

Christina Albeck Designer of Wardrobe By Me offers patterns that are chic, classy and accent your body.  She is an amazing designer to work with as she is hands on, wants the best fit and will tweek a pattern until its just right!  Christina recently decided to add plus size clothing to her shop. Which happened to be the first design I tested for her ❤

The Curvy Hannah Dress is a knit dress that literally hugs the right curves.

Hannah Dress includes:
Sizing US 14-24/44-54
5 Sleeve options
Optional Tunic Length
Straight Forward instructions
Layered Printing (Print specific size needed)
Easy taping and cutting

Hanna Dress 8

Hanna Dress 5

Excuse my lack of fabric knowledge, but I used the scratchy 2 way knit to make Hannah Dress. I love how it shows just enough and still has a classy look. If you’d like it shorter or longer you can simply +/- length. From cut to finish this took me just under 2 hours with multiple interruptions.
The second pattern offered in plus size by Wardrobe By Me is the  Kimono Dress. This is one of my favorites! Kimono Dress is such a sleek style that can be dressed up or down, office or a night out.

Kimono dress induces:
US sizing 14-24/44-54
Simple Construction
Straight forwards instructions
Layered printing (print the specific size you need)
Easy taping and cutting


This is a dress that hits right above the knee and can easily be modified to add length to your liking. It calls for wovens or anything that has a nice drape, but you can easily use jersey knit as well. It has a kimono sleeve, optional sash and a center panel to give it the Kimono feel ❤ This was also a quick sew and its my go to dress for a night out with hubby.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Wardrobe By Me, you can do so here:

Wardrobe By Me Website
Facebook business page
Facebook support group

Christina is busy working on both lines, trying to bring the best to her customers from sizes 2-24/34-54. I look forward to her future designs being brought for Curvy women. If you haven’t seen, she will be releasing soon the Curvy Haute Pants. Stayed tuned for a later blog as I talk about the Haute Pants. Also if you want up-to-date information and to see future tester calls, click the above Facebook links. I do have to say its nice to have clothing the actually fit and is tailored just for me ❤

~Nothing wrong with be a little curvy, you just need the right clothing to accent those curves. ~

Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo

Sofia ❤



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