Filles à Maman: Meet Jolie

So today’s post is way overdue. I recently had the amazing opportunity to test for Melanie Henry designer of Filles à Maman. She had posted a tester call and stated that this design would be featured in One Thimble Digital Magazine (E-Zine). First off, huge congratulations to Melanie for being featured in One Thimble!!! ❤

In case you don’t know One Thimble is an online magazine (E-Zine) that features one of kind patterns from various designers. It has wonderful tips and you can purchase the latest copy Issue 10, which features Jolie Skirt, Filles A Maman newest design.

Jolie Skirt, is such a versatile quick, simple sew. From cut to finish you can finish in under 30 mins, even less time if you have no interruptions. You can purchase Jolie Skirt, HERE.

Jolie Skirt Includes:
2 skirt options
Optional tie
Elastic waistband with a professional/store bought finish
Minimal fabric ❤
Quick reference tabs*
Layered printing
Easy to read instructions
Calls for Woven or knit…. (PERSONAL BLURP – you can use whatever you feel like! Its that versatile.)

* Ok I need to talk about the quick reference tabs for a second! This is the first time I’ve seen this! Its an amazing feature, once you purchase make sure to take a look at the tabs. They are seriously a life saver ❤

The first option is a simple skirt with no pleat. Like I said took me less the 30 mins from tape, cut, to finish. Waistband allows for room to move! The length is just above the knee.

Henderson_Jolie 2Henderson_Jolie 3


The second option is a pleat skirt. If you’ve never done pleats the instructions are super easy and you’ll finish your first pleat in a blink. Waistband allows for easy comfort and room to grow. The length is just above the knee.

Henderson_Jolie 9

Henderson_Jolie 7

As I said the pattern is so versatile. I made the 2 skirts above in flannel. Since its still winter time I figured paired with FAM Poppy’s Pelpum Leggings  this will be a good extra layer to keep my little one warm. The testers knocked Jolie Skirt out of the park!!! If you would like to see what other testers used for fabric options click, HERE.

If you haven’t worked on your little ones wardrobe now is the perfect time to start! This doesn’t take up a lot of time and fabric, so your little one could have a new skirt for each day of the week!

You can find Filles A Maman Here:
Facebook Fan Group
Filles A Maman – Etsy
Filles A Maman – Website

One Thimble:
One Thimble Facebook
One Thimble

Hope you enjoy Jolie Skirt as much as me and the testers did. Make sure to share your creations with the above associated links to Filles A Maman. We’d love to see what you create ❤

Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo



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