Tis the season… Baby season that is!

It always seems like someone we know is expecting.  With that said,  I’m constantly trying to find/make the perfect gift and sometimes come up short. So today I’m going to give you several ideas on the perfect baby shower gifts to make.

So, I was first presented with the idea of making a baby shower gift from my Aunt Linda. She had wanted a deep pocketed diaper bag, super hero themed. So of course I was on a mission. I went to craftsy and typed in diaper bags, lo and behold several popped up. But only 1 caught my interest. Ellison Lane, Sew South Bag.

Sew South Bag:
– 2 pockets
– Large space to store everything you need
– Easy to follow tutorial
– No pattern pieces

You can find the pattern and tutorial, HERE.  If you do happen to make the bag and share on social media,  use #sewsouthbag #ellisonlane. The Sew South Bag was a part of a 3 day sew-a-long that walks you through each step. From cut to finish I was able to finish this in 2.5 hrs with no interruptions. I have made 2 so far one super hero and one deer heads.

Supplies, you definitely want to use all the coupons you can on this. The first one I made without any coupons rang up close to $60. The second bag I made, I used multiple coupons and walked out only spending $25. If going to Joann Fabrics make sure to sign up online and you’ll receive emails regularly with coupons. Also, Joann’s offers coupons on their site &  retailmenot for additional coupons.

All the materials for this bag I purchased at Joann Fabric’s. This bag came out perfect!  The only details I got from the host of the shower was the theme was pink and grey. I knew the couple was big into the outdoors so, I went with my gut and did a deer themed.

This was the first diaper bag I ever made!! My cousin who received it, loved it! I purchased the exterior material at Walmart and everything else at Joann Fabrics.

The dimension for this bag make it perfect for carrying all your babies needs. This is why I feel that this is the ultimate baby shower gift to give.

The second and third items really go hand in hand. You can never have enough of these as a parent, which are receiving blankets and bibs. Pickle Toes Patterns released the Burps ‘N Bibs Pattern.

Burps N’ Bibs:
– 2 bib sizes
– 2 bib styles
– contoured receiving blanket that fits perfectly on your shoulder
– easy to follow instructions

You can purchase the pattern, HERE.

The 2 bib options are perfect for your growing baby. The first is a rounded bib that is your typical everyday bib. The second bib options has an extended piece that allows you to attach a pacifier. This is perfect for those babies who love their pacifier.

I have made loads as gifts for family and friends. They are always a welcomed gift as they are perfect for keeping those special outfits stain free. Below are some examples of items I have gifted ❤

I used flannel from Joann Fabric’s for the both main and back. The deer heads is woven and I lined it with flannel. I’m sure there are other options that you could use to make them either water-resistant or absorb water. But for my needs I used woven and flannel.


Lastly, if you love bibs and are wanting more of a trendy style. I have the perfect alternative for you. Peek-a-Boo Patterns offers a free Bandanna Bib, which can be found, HERE. These also make trendy gifts and are very fashion-forward which I love! So many styling and fabric options when it comes to these Bandanna Bibs!


I used flannel for both bibs. My cousin loved these for her little boy ❤

ADDED NOTE: Please make sure to watch your baby, toddler, child while they have a bib around their neck. PLEASE do not leave child unattended as these could be chocking hazards.


If you would like to follow any of the Designers listed above, they can be found here:

Ellison Lane:

Pickle Toes Patterns:

Peek-A-Boo Threads:

I would love to see what you create, so make sure to share your photos on the associated links above.

Hope you have an amazing weekend ❤

Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo

Sofia ❤


One thought on “Tis the season… Baby season that is!

  1. Awwww these are adorable. You have done an amazing job with designing these little knick knacks. If you love child fashion you might loved some of the clothing at Beyond Auburn. If you wouldn’t mind, you could check out my blog. It is about Beyond Auburn, a designer brand that aims to bring back elegance and sophistication to the realm of child fashion today. Regardless, I hope you have a happy New Year!

    – Beep Toot

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