Grab those T-SHIRTS… You’re going to need them!

Have you ever wanted to make a quilt, but haven’t a clue where to start? Well I have the perfect pattern for you! Create Kids Couture just released Ziecha’s Memorial T-Shirt Quilt. If you have the time to binge watch one of your favorite TV episodes… you have time to make Ziecha’s!

When the call for Ziecha’s first went up, I knew I had wanted to dive in and give it a try. I have been wanting to make a quilt for quite some time… but never had enough motivation and it just seemed plain out overwhelming!

Well that wasn’t the case at all, Stephanie Morgan Baker, Designer of Ziecha’s Memorial T-Shirt Quilt has made the process so simple with easy to follow steps.

Crib – King size
No pattern pieces
Easy to follow instructions
Diagram & pictures to help those who learn visually

I honestly think the hardest part and longest part of the process was figure out what t-shirts I was going to use. I really suck at the whole taking pictures process… I’ll leave that to the designers. Lol But I wanted to share with you a little hack I did to use those special outfits/onesies for your quilt to make it extra special!

– If wanting to use onesies, I would suggests using 3/6 months +. I tried to cut into a newborn onesie and it was simply too small.

– With the onesies, you will not have enough width and length for the beginning cut. So you will have to cut the onesie to its final square measurements. I found it best to cut the interfacing to the final width and length and setting it over the onesie as a guide.

– Some onesies I had to include both sides seams for it to fit.

I was able to complete the Crib size in a day… yes a day. But just because I was able to finish that quickly doesn’t mean that it was the best! Lol I still have lots to learn.

I did a cheat with the closing of the quilt that I found to be more quilter newbie friendly… but not necessarily right at all, lets just say my inner sewing technique rang though. At the end of the instructions it offers various techniques for closing the quilt. Well, being the rebel I am. I went my own way and did it a little different.

So for my version of the completing of quilt:
1. I followed the binding/pining/keeping it in place instructions
2. This is where I went my own way. I did right sides together and sewed 3/8” all the way around leaving a 4” gap at the bottom center.
3. I turned right sides out. Instead of leaving the yarn in place, I went back through and clipped them off before closing the 4” gap.
4. Closed the 4” gap and I still need to go back and do this… But I will eventually stitch in the ditch to give the backside of the quilt a little more flair.

So lets talk the dreaded cost! Lol Well, I ended up getting the best sales at Joann Fabric’s. I had loads of coupons and the sales during the week I went were phenomenal…. And it also helped I was making a crib and most of my material was right at home ❤ With that said I walked out the door paying $30. Everything I purchased was 50% off. From the thread, interfacing, batting and all required fabric.

I am in the process of making a throw quilt from for my 3 boys and my husband. I feel like its the perfect size and I know I’ll be able to finish them in a timely manor.. Bahahaha, lets hope I can!




Here are some more photos of my quilt! I truly enjoyed making this ❤ Ziecha’s is at its promotional price right now, so make sure to grab your copy! Please feel free to share your creations on Create Kids Couture Fan Page!

Create Kids Couture:
Facebook Fan Page
Facebook Business Page

Hope you enjoyed and can’t wait to see what you create!

Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo

Sofia ❤


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