Meet Alejandra : Create Kids Couture

The perfect design released today from Create Kids Couture. If you’re looking for something elegant, classy, sleek and so much more… look no further. Alejandra’s Ruffle Maxi Dress offers comfort and class all in one look.

This design has been in the works for quite sometime.  Elizabeth the Designer  & mastermind behind Alejandra’s wanted the perfect look for the upcoming holidays or simply just to make a beautiful frock for your little girl. Elizabeth did a beautiful job with the design of Alejandra’s

Alejandra’s Ruffle Maxi Dress:

Sizes 6-12 months – 8 Years (With tween & women in the works!!!)
2 or 3 layer ruffles
Pattern pieces for skirt and bodice
Simple to tape pattern pieces
Minimal & Easy to follow instructions

Alejandra’s calls for knit bodice and skirt. The ruffles can be made of chiffon, knit , woven or lace. The possibilities are really endless with this design ❤


I wanted to share some photos with you of Alejandra’s.  I had the wonderful opportunity to pretest so my length and options differ from the release (Just wanted to note that! lol)


So you’re probably wondering what makes Alejandra’s so special then other designs. Well I’m here to give you the 411. Alejandra’s offers a tank style bodice that offers more coverage and support. Why support? Well, you ever get those dresses that start to droop down because the weight of the skirt is too heavy. With  Alejandra’s you’re able to design the skirt you want, they way you want and get added support from the bodice. Also, I know many moms like the added coverage some dresses have to offer. The front and back of the bodice are identical so while it shows some back,  it doesn’t show the whole thing.









This photo gives you an idea of what the back looks like. She was being such a monkey that It was hard to get a good photo of the back. NOTE: The attached belt is not offered, but if it is something you’re interested in its a simple hack ❤ 

I was asked to play around with the idea of an attached belt. Elizabeth liked having the option to have the sash be optional. So there is an optional detachable sash in Alejandra’s as well.


The testers really knocked it out of the park with Alejandra’s. If you would like to see a variety of variations of Alejandra’s, you can click on the follow links below.

Create Kids Couture:
FB Business Page
Fan Page

Hope you enjoyed this blog ❤ Happy sewing! If you decided to make Alejandra’s please share your creations on the fan page as I & we would love to see!

Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo

Sofia ❤



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