Striped Swallow Designs

Mandalynn from Striped Swallow Designs has been on a roll these last few weeks. She has released 5… yes 5 new designs! 1 of them being an add-on, which still in my eyes is amazeballs!

So, while she’s been on a roll… I’ve been slacking. It’s been a while since I’ve written any reviews. Family, life, kids & sewing have taken me into a whirlwind and I’m taking the obstacles as they come.

With that said, I’ve been chomping at the bit to write about all the beauty’s Mandalynn as designed! I wrote a review about 3 months ago, geesh it doesn’t seem like that long ago… But it was the children’s Desert Breeze! Well not too long after the Baby Desert BreezeWomen’s Desert Breeze were released, along with a slim fit add-on. Not only is Desert Breeze a boho chic & trendy design it is now offered for both mommy & mini! Score!

For the children’s review click HERE. So what does the Women’s Desert Breeze offer?

3 Views (top, dress & gathered dress)
2 strap options (plain or ties)
Clear visual and written instructions
layered printing option (print only the size you need)                             Perfect for a confident beginner !

And lastly for only $2 more you can grab the add-on which allows for a more fitted look still keeping all of the Desert Breeze flair!

I did the skirt with flutter sleeves & loved it!

Now that summer is fast approaching I plan on making a me & mini set(s)! Yes, I’m that mom that loves to match ❤ So if you haven’t grab either, SSD offers a bundle & save for Desert Breeze which can be found HERE!

So what other goodies did Mandalynn release!? In case you missed it, last weeks pattern was  Cloud Chaser ! It’s a wonderful twist on your everyday off the shoulder top.

So what is cloud chaser and what does it have to offer?

Cloud Chaser is an edgy twist on your everyday top. Its off the shoulder and  has 3 views to choose from.


3 Views ( straight, short wrap & long wrap)
2 sleeve options ( short flutter & long billowy sleeve)
Snap on sleeve for interchangeable sleeves
Layerd printing option
Easy to visual & written instructions

Perfect for a confident beginner!

One thing I will note, for buster women is to have a good supporting bra. I did(nt) lol, so I’m kind of droopy. So, if you’ve read past post on FB or WP, you’ll know that I loathe shopping. I could wear yoga pants and t-shirts everyday if I have to. I do love to dress up, but I despise anything that resembles the “mom” look. So what is that “mom” look. Well for me being extra plumpy, it’s those tops that fall right at the flub… You know that shirt that’s almost long enough.. but falls short and extenuate those extra pounds.

YEAH, well I was a little leery of Cloud Chaser for that purpose only. Well fast forward to making my own… & I’m happy to say it does not have the “mom” look. lol. I think this look can easily become part of my everyday wardrobe. If you’re not comfortable with wearing a strapless bra, you can find clear bra straps at your local Walmart or online.  Note: your bra does need to have an interchangeable options!

I did the straight view and opted out of doing the sleeves, offering what it would look like without.



So lastly! Finally something for my mini ❤ One word that comes to mind is EPPP!! This is seriously going to be a summer staple. lol

So what is it? Emerie Romper & Crop Top! If you’re wanting a quick sew this is it!

What does Emerie have to offer?

NB- 2T
3 Views ( tank romper, flounce romper & crop top)
2 length for crop top (mid & short)
layered printing option
clear visual and written instructions
& perfect for advanced beginner

As I said, this is a really quick sew. The crop top is probably the quickest. I opted for the crop top with mid length. Hubby instantly loved the top but wanted it to be more modest. So we didn’t add the elastic and loved how billowy it looks.

Henderson 2

Yeah, sorry for the lovely background… still need to learn PS. lol. But this gives you an idea of what the mid crop looks like ❤

Fellow testers totally knocked it out of the park with Emerie’s. If you would like to see and stay up-to-date with Striped Swallow Designs, follow the links below ❤

Facebook Business Page

Thanks for reading! Please share your creations, with the fellow SSD community as I and we would love to see!

Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo



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