Curvy Wardrobe T-Shirt Builder

Where are my curvy ladies!? I’m here to talk to you about a new release from Wardrobe By Me. The Curvy Wardrobe T-Shirt Builder is an essential in every full figured women’s wardrobe. For really it is! I’m that type of person who loathes shopping. I don’t get it, why does being plus size/curvy mean the shirt is shorter and doesn’t flaunt any curves once you head over the plus size department!? Don’t get me wrong, I have found SOME flattering shirts, but its usually in the teeny bopper section in the largest size. While I’m not aiming for the mom look, I like things to be trendy, fashion-forward, comfy and most of all flattering.

So I’m here to tell you The Curvy  Wardrobe T-Shirt Builder is all those things: trendy, fashion-forward, comfy & flattering. The CTWSB is loading with options, I’ll list the deets:

What does The Curvy T-Shirt Builder Offer

150 different Shirt Styles
5 Necklines: Crew neck, scoop neck, deep scoop neck, v-neck & boat neck
5 Sleeve Length: Sleeveless, cap sleeve, elbow length, ¾ length, long sleeve
Shirt Length: Regular length, extra length , curved hem
Optional ruching at the side seams
Straight forward, easy to follow instructions
Pictures for people who like visual references
Layered printing
No trim printing
Imperial & Metric measurements
Compatible with both US letter & A-4 printing size

Picture courtesy of Wardrobe By Me, The Curvy Wardrobe T-shirt Builder

Yes, this pattern is loaded with options and is tailored to a “T” just for us FF women. I made the regular length with curved hemline. I didn’t hem the bottom as I liked the raw finished look. Since testing she has tailored the sleeve to be more fitted. I made a size 24 and yes it is simple comfy. I cut the night before and taped, but from start to finish this took me a whole 30 mins. I know once I get my groove it’ll take less time. So if you’re ever in a crunch and want a new top, this can definitely be your go to pattern.


Christina has taken the time and listened to all the feedback from her tester. She wanted it to be flattering and have the best fit. She hit a home-run with the pattern. So with that said, for a short time you can grab your Curvy T-Shirt Builder by for $6.00 by using code “curvy wardrobe” Its regular price its $8.50 by heading HERE.

If you want all the latest information of Wardrobe By Me, head on over to the following links below. Make sure to share you T-Shirt Builder with the WBM community, I/We would love to see what you create.

Facebook Business
Facebook Support

Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to grab your copy & head over to WBM support group ❤

Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo,

Sofia ❤


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