Tying knots with #421myersdesignstudio

So what better way to wind down the week with some free patterns! This is exactly what I needed after a hectic week filled of packing & moving. First thing that was unloaded  and made tidy  (while drinking a large glass of wine, lol) was my sewing machine and fabric… #priorities #421myers

While settling in I printed my very first 421 Myers Design Studio pattern. I started with the free Adult & Child Wired Headband. You can find the pattern here. You will have to join the wonderful community of  #421myers to grab your copy!

The wired headband instructions are straight to the point. The simplicity makes it very beginner friendly for a novice. The tutorial offers explanations for both veteran and novice sewist on getting the best fit for your headband, which is one of the things I love!20160731_184152.jpg

I was able to finish 2 headbands within 25 minutes from cut to finish. This pattern is a great way to accessorize an outfit that is missing that “something.”  Its sensible and fashionable. If you’re needing the headband for a more sensible purpose, its a great way to keep hair out of your face.  The wiring allows you to custom fit the headband to your liking!



You can find all the materials you need at your local fabric store. I was given the  opportunity to use fabric from Threads and Stitch Fabric. If you would like more details or are interested on where you can purchase, it can be found HERE. I used Lewis & Irene Vintage Picnic Pink Strawberries.

Since these are sew quick to whip up. I also printed, taped and cut the Child’s Knot Headband. The Knot headband is a free pattern that is offered for both children and adults.  I absolutely adore this headband ❤ The knot headband offers an enclosed elastic (new technique for me!) that allows optimal fitting and front ties that give it the extra flair. I used Moda, Fancy Hailey Winterberry Pink from Threads and Stitch Fabric and it fit perfectly with her 50’s flared dress.



Instructions are straight to the point but are beginner friendly. It offers different techniques for stitching, which is nice to get out of the norm and spice things up. Was a quick sew and from start to finish was able to make in under 20 mins. Here are some pictures of my mini in her knot headband.

It makes me extremely happy, when I can learn new techniques! Its always an added bonus when the pattern is free. Linda, Designer of 421 Myers Design Studio has released several headbands that are just a click away. Once added to the group you can find the patterns under pinned post

Here is a list of headbands released:

– Adult & Child wired headband
-Adult & Child knot headband
-Elastic Headband with Bow
-Elastic Headband with Tied Bow
-Non-Slip Headband


If you have any questions or would like more information on the new released patterns from 421 Myers Design Studios, click on the links below:


If you would like more information on fabric used by Threads and Stitch Fabric, click on the links below:


Make sure to share your wonderful creations with the 421 Myers Design Studio community! use hastags #421myers #threadsandstitchfabric

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week >3

Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo – Sofia


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