Veritas Cape by Heidi & Finn

Are you looking for a cape that offers a classic look with a modern twist? The Veritas Cape from Heidi and Finn is just that! I had the opportunity to test the Veritas Cape and I must say that this will be a signature piece in my little ones wardrobe.


This was actually my first sew from Heidi and Finn. Her modern designs are sleek and I have no idea why I didn’t find her designs sooner!

The Veritas Cape:
Sizing 12 months – 14 yrs
Unisex pattern
Cowl or Hooded option
8 animal hood options
Faux button for closure

The Veritas cape is offered in  sizes  12months -5yrs 6yrs-14yrs or 12months – 14 yrs. This is actually the first time I’ve come across patterns being offered in select or whole size range. Its nice for sewist who now have older children and only need the larger sizes.

Pattern Details, I find that the more tips and explanation the better, especially for novice sewist. The pattern itself offers:
Visual and Written instructions
Page Layout for taping reference
Page printout guidelines for easy printing
& sewing tips

Fabric, the pattern calls for a stable knit, something that will hold its shape versus drape.
Scuba Knit
Sweater fleece
Fleece with stretch
heavy sweater knit

I cut the night before, but I found that I was able to knock this out in under 30 mins. Yes, it really is that fast of a sew. I will say I am thoroughly impressed with the design and style. I love the added details throughout the instruction. Reading throughout it was straight to the point.

So here are my finished Veritas Capes. For the red cape I used sweater fleece found at Joann Fabric’s. I did the exterior lining in knit so it would offer a more drapy look. The plaid fleece I also purchased from Joann Fabrics. The cowl neck has more structure and is closer to the neck offering more warmth for the cooler days.dscf3764dscf3787

These are very easy to get on and off as the slip up and over the head. The button closures are just for show. You can add them or not as instructed in the pattern.

dscf3746                dscf3753

This is essential and your son/daughter needs this! You can find links below on where to purchases the pattern and the Heidi and Finn sewing community. Please feel free to share your creations with other Heidi and Finn enthusiast on the page linked below! I know we would all love to see your take on the Veritas Cape.

Facebook Sewing Community
Facebook Business page
Website: For tutorials, giveaways and free patterns

Please use hashtags #heidiandfinn #veritascape when promoting or sharing photos.

Thank you for reading! Can’t wait to see what you create!

Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo ❤ Sofia


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