Pillow Pals by Heidi & Finn: Vinyl face

You would think hand stitching is second nature to a sewist, but for me its not so easy. Some of the work I’ve seen is absolutely flawless and well mine on the other hand lacks. I know with time and practice I can perfect it. But… I wanted an easy alternative that was quick, not time consuming and gave me flawless result.  That easy alternative was using my Silhouette machine to make the face.

I will be walking you through on how to make a vinyl face using the Pillow Pal pattern pieces. But first let me tell you about Pillow Pals! I know its “Tis the Season” and finding THAT gift for your loved ones sometimes gets hard. So Heidi and Finn made it that much easier to make that perfect gift.

Pillow Pal is loaded with so many options and can be purchases exclusively on craftsy for $5!

Pillow Pal features:

Basic Boy and Girl
– Girl with Crown
– Superhero
– Aviator
– Ninja
– Pirate

Additional Features:
– 3 Head styles
– 11 hairstyles
– 3 hat styles
– 3 body sizes
-2 Leg and arm lengths with the option to add shoes
-18 Face styles
-13 optional accessories!!

Sky is the limit with the Pillow Pal!

I will be walking through the steps, so if you want to use your vinyl machine to make the face you can. Once purchased, download file.

Note: This will only work if you can create an svg cut file. This is also not an in-depth walk through. You need basic skill knowledge with Silhouette design studio. 18 facial expression are provided by Heidi & Finn and are meant to be hand stitched or optional fabric paint. If you are wanting to do vinyl these steps are from my prospective and is no way tied to Heidi & Finn, so please do not ask the Designer. I can help with any questions you have in regards to a step with tracing. I first learned 2 months ago on how to trace using this video by  Sarah Milroy on YouTube, Sihouette – Trace and Cut image found online, she explains it perfectly and pretty much sums up what I’m about to explain.  There is probably an easier way to do this, but I will walk you through the way I did it. While it may be extra steps, for me it was easier than doing the hand-stitching.

Unfortunately I have had no success taking an image from Adobe to Silhouette studios so you will need to follow these step to get your vinyl facial expression.

  1. Open up Pillow Pal in Adobe reader and once you’ve read through and figured out which facial expression you’re going to use. Select the image by left clicking image and then right click to “copy image”.
  2. If you have paint I find that works easiest, but Photoshop will work too. Open up program and “paste” image. No editing needs to be done in either of these programs. Just simply save image.
  3. Now if you have Silhouette Design Studio open up facial image in SDS.
  4. The image will look distorted, but that is something we can fix! Enlarge image
    and now we will trace. To do this click on the trace tab. Then click on “select trace area”. Only select the facial expression you would like. You may have to adjust the High-Pass filter to get a nice crisp filled in lines or outline. Once adjusted click on the sub-tab “trace”.
  5. You should now have your traced image. Delete original image and now we will work on the face. Select face and right click, Scroll and click on “release compound path.” Everything you traced should be able to move freely. Delete any noise/images that do not belong.dscf5064dscf5079
  6. Now you should just have your face! First we need to adjust size. This is where the real work begins! Starting with the cheeks, Select the circle tool and make circle .75″ x .75″ (Now it may not be exact! But if you can get it to be as close as possible that’s great. Mine ended up being .76″ x .70″) You’re probably wondering where I got this measurement. I measured the printed cheek piece and adjust the check accordingly.
  7. Next the lips. First we need to select the entire lip and right click , click “make compound path.” This ensures that the lining and inner lip get sized the same. In the same manor as the cheek, measure facial piece width and length. For mine it was 1.25″ x 5″. Once complete select lips and right click “release compound path” We want to select the inner lips only, to do this we need to hold the shift key  and select images. Once both upper and lower lips are selected copy  and paste an extra set. We should now have 2 sets. Make sure to click “make compound path” on both sets.
  8. Lastly, the eyes. Delete only one eye. Now measure eye on pattern piece and adjust length and width on the silhouette program. (Mine approx measure out 1.25″ x .25″) Copy and paste, select copied image and click “flip horizontally.” You should now have a set of eyes!

So you’re probably wondering why I had you make an extra set of lips. I like the filled in color look, so the original lips will get cut and the insides will be weeded out. The other set of upper and lower will be the color and be placed insides, which is called layering.


I cut out the cheek holes on the pattern piece and placed vinyl accordingly. You can either use the pattern as a guide or place your face as you like! lol I used it as a guide and tried to accurately place them as best I could. I added interfacing to the face, but if you plan to use vinyl that is not necessary. Only reason I added interfacing is because I thought I was going to hand stitch.. and didn’t end up doing so.dscf5082

Make sure to follow the HTV  (Heat Transfer Vinyl) instructions and make sure to MIRROR all images! Here is final image before sewed and almost stuffed!

Please remember doing vinyl isn’t necessary and is just an option to those who have a vinyl machine or who plan to get one. It’s always nice to have an another option and get a nice clean professional finish.

These 3 photos were from the pre-testing stage, but I wanted to show you other options you could do with the Pillow Pals.

Here is the final Pillow Pal. As you can see the face is vinyl. The final product has so many options and really, skies the limit with this design.

Please feel free to share your creations in the Heidi & Finn Facebook group! We and I would love to see what you create!

Heidi & Finn:


Exclusively available on Craftsy for $5, please click HERE if you would like to purchase pattern.

Thank you so much for reading!

Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo – Sofia ❤


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