Daisy goes Curvy

Think Spring! Are you looking for a versatile top that can easily be whipped up? Wardrobe by Me has up-sized an essential favorite. You can now purchase the Curvy Daisy Drop Shoulder Blouse!

Curvy Daisy Blouse:

Sizes 14-24
2 hemlines (straight or curved)
2 necklines (scoop or V-neck)
Layering (for printing purposes)
Imperial and Metric
Sizing Chart
Easy to read instructions
Great Visual photos… and much more!

If you would like to take a look at none curvy designs please click here

So lets talk about Daisy! This is a pattern that can essentially be made out of whatever material you have on hand. The design calls for lightweight woven with soft drape, such as: cotton, silk, polyester, viscose, tencel or any blend. You can also you T-Shirt Jersey. It states that if you do plan to use Jersey to make sure the quality is thin and adjust for size.

The pattern features darts that offer a more fitted look and accentuates the curves. I found the darts to be quite flattering. I used a light blend woven and made size US 22. The overall fit is wonderful . Fitted but not too tight. I will add that I have never graded, but for future reference, if I make another woven Curvy Daisy I will grade out to a size 24. I didn’t feel constricted but as soon as I sat down, that was a different story.

With 3 different views being instructed simultaneously the overall flow went smoothly. Offers skip to steps where needed. For me personally, I understood all the instructions. For a novice the added images for those who need visual instructions are great.

Curvy Daisy features 2 hemlines which are straight and curved. I opted for the straight hemline as I didn’t want to finagle with curve using woven.


The neckline I did scoop and did a woven bias. So this was a huge novice mistake and I totally brain farted! But make sure to use the interfacing and templates for the scoop neck!!! I honestly don’t know what I was thinking. I did steam and iron and to my surprise looks semi-ok!


I opted for the dropped shoulder short sleeve. I did add woven bias for the arm bands and it turned our great! It also has the option to add long sleeves making the design more versatile.

My final thoughts. Being a size 22 I thought this top was very flattering. I like my tops longer to cover my mom pouch and it hit right where I like. I know whether its woven or knit the fit and feel will be to my liking. The added darts give it great lines helping with what little curves I have. If you’re needing a go to top this Spring I definitely think that this is your go to.

You can grab Curvy Daisy on sale now, here. If you have any questions are would like to be apart of the Wardrobe by Me community clink on the links below.

Wardrobe By Me:

Hope you enjoyed reading and have a wonderful week!

Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo ❤ Sofia


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