Michigan Seamstress Collaboration: Petite Stitchery &Co., Ali Jane & Co. and Van Atta’s

What are the odds, that you sew and live within driving distances of fellow testers!? Well the odds were in my favor and I had the opportunity to work and collaborate with some pretty amazing women!

Fabric from Phat Quarters Fabrics and tassel necklace from Ali Jane & Co

My sewing friend Jennifer had the wonderful idea to get together and share what we love to do the most…. Sew, share our creations and represent a little of Michigan’s finest. How did it all start, Jennifer approached the talented ladies at Petite Stitchery & Co, and they loved the idea. Petite Stitchery & Co. provided all of the patterns that were used during the shoot. Next, she approached Ali Jane & Co. who is an Etsy shop owner here in Michigan. Throughout my blog you will see some beautiful accessories and they were all hand-crafted by Ali Jane & Co. We also had the amazing opportunity to work with Gemia, who owns Phat Quarters. All of our fabric featured is from her shop, which can be found here.

Make sure to read below as All 3 sponsors have teamed up to do a giveaway!


So a little bit about behind the scenes before I get started! Anna Durocher, Jennifer Jeremiah, and I all live within is 45ish minutes of each other.  We wanted to find someplace that was relatively close to all of us. We chose Van Atta’s Greenhouse in Haslett, Michigan. This was my first time there and let me say that it has so many hidden treasures. If your from the surrounding Lansing area and ever get a chance to visit, do so! They were so accommodating and let us do our thing.IMG_0777 1.jpg

So with that said, lets delve! I was so excited when mini had the chance to wear one of Ali Jane’s pieces! Of course I chose the lemon yellow boho tassel necklace (favorite color, lol) The craftsmanship is phenomenal and the delivery and showcase is friggen precious! This is part of her new line and can be found here! I love how its personalized and I think that is what makes it so unique.


For my first outfit I wanted something that could be for any season and I chose to do PS&co Fawn simple leggings and paired it with Willow hi-low tunic. Perfect combo for any occasion. Willow has several options:top, tunic or dress with or without ruffles.

For Willow, I used the Roses & Letters for the main sections and for the insert used Triangular Impressions. Roses & Letters and Triangular Impressions is part of the Art Gallery Fabric collection. Dawns leggings I used the Birch Fabrics, Mint Moda. These 2 pieces pair so well together. Scroll down to find a complete list of all links for fabrics used


Close up of the Roses & Letters, Art Gallery Fabrics, as well as the Triangular Impression, Garden Dreamer, Maureen Cracknell Art Gallery Fabrics

I love how the hi-low gives Willow’s such a boho look.IMG_0746 1.jpg

IMG_0753 1
I did the cross over straps to give the back extra flair.

My second outfit I did Ruby Romper and Sapphire layering top. This look has to be one of my favorites! Or maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for rompers and baby legs! lol I used the same fabric from my first outfit.


The necklace paired so well with the romper!

So now that I’ve shared some individual photos from my perspective. I want to share some photos I took of the girls. Let me just say that… It was a lot of fun!

You must always be curious – Walt Whitman

I will share the patterns that were used with each if you would like links scroll down for a complete list. You can head over to Jennifer Jeremiah’s blog giving you a more detailed walk through of what patterns were used and fabrics.

All photos below feature: Fabric from Phat Quarters Fabrics,  patterns shown are Petite Stitchery & Co. & all accessories from Ali Jane & Co.

From left to right: Willow Tunic paired with Fawn simple leggings and lemon yellow boho tassel necklace, Mistletoe Dress paired with Ali Jane lemon yellow ankle cuffs and Hazel Boho Blouse and Fawn’s Tuxedo leggings paired with pink tassel necklace.

Willow Tunic with Fawn Leggings and Laurel Dress
The children were so fascinated by the succulents.
Such a cutie! Mistletoe and lemon yellow cuffs paired perfectly together!
Laurels Tunic or Dress with the Ruby Red tassel necklace is absolutely stunning!
I thought the skirt was store-bought! But Jennifer told me that this was PS&co Poppy skirt paired with Sapphire with flutters.
Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.Anaïs Nin

If you would like a little cheat sheet and direct links to each pattern, fabric and accessories used, click on the links below:

Ali Jane & Co.:
Lemon Yellow Necklace or Cuffs
Ruby Red Necklace
Robins Egg Necklace

Petite Stitchery & Co.:
Fawn Leggings
Hazel Blouse
Laurel Dress or Tunic
Misletoe Dress
Sapphire  layering top
Poppy skirt
Willow Top, Tunic or Dress

Ruby Romper

Phat Quarters:
Birch Fabrics Moda knit:

Cloud Nine knit:

Art Gallery knit:
Microburst Tropics

Art Gallery woven:
Roses & Letters
Triangular Impressions

Pink Polka Dot on Grey

Micheal Miller:
Mint Unicorn Forest

Now for the fun! Make sure to enter for your chance to win some goodies from the follwoing sponsers: Phat Quarters, Ali Jane & Co and Petite Stitchery & Co

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you enjoyed this walkthrough as much as me! If you want to be in the know here are links to the following companies:

Petite Stitchery & Co:
Facebook Fan
Facebook Business

Ali Jane:

Phat Quarters Fabric:

Van Atta’s Greenhouse

Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo – Sofia ❤

Hello from us ladies behind the scenes ❤

All link in regards to Petite Stitchery & Co are affiliate links.


2 thoughts on “Michigan Seamstress Collaboration: Petite Stitchery &Co., Ali Jane & Co. and Van Atta’s

  1. I used to live off VanAtta Rd. In Okemos. Is that why I love every single thing about this post? I don’t think so.
    Time to get busy shopping. Thank you!


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