Petite Stitchery & Co. – Delilah

Looking for the perfect versatile summer/all season tunic? Delilah is sure to fit the bill! Delilah is a perfect boho tunic that has so many features that make it unique.


Sizes 2t -12
Sleeveless, short, mid, long, optional pieced sleeves
Simple or banned hem
Easy to follow visual and written instructions
Imperial and Metric
Layered Printing (save on trees & save time only printing the size you need.)

Make it yours by adding bodice embellishments, trims and so much more!

Right now you can grab your copy of Delilah for $5 all weekend long, no coupon code required! 

So lets delve. Before you get started you want to make sure that you decided on what style you are going to make. I originally had planned on making a simple straight sleeve, but I had left over lace from a previous project I wanted to use. I used the pieced sleeves and placed the lace in the middle making it more breathable for those warm summer days.


I plan on using this as a summer bathing suit cover, that’s why I used such bright colors! I purchased the fabric last season at Joann Fabrics! I paired it with a solid turquoise band giving it the perfect pop. As you can see, Delilah features a hi-low hem. I’m sure with a simple modification you could make it even. But the hem is what makes Delilah unique.






















The back features a double closure at the top and slit at hem to give it the added boho flair. This is the best shot I could give as all the others… my daughter was pretending to be a football player. lol


Delilah came together quickly. I know some seamstresses are skimmers when it comes to reading instructions (#guilty) so make sure you read thoroughly through. I would rate this for an advanced beginner. Techniques and instructions are easy to follow.

Delilah is a serious “Make it Your Own” look. So many options that can be created with this one design. If you plan on purchasing, please share your creations with the Psco community! If you would like to be in the know and see other Psco design click on the following links!

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Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, thank you for reading ❤

Peace, Love  & Bedoo Bedoo – Sofia

Pleas note all links affiliated with PSco are affiliate links ❤


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