Hazel & Jasper: Petite Stitchery & Co.

Its summer here in Michigan and as it’s warming up, I’m in need of something light, functional but most importantly Boho. I found the perfect go to top by Petite Stitchery & Co. & I think Hazel hits the mark. Hazel has the perfect amount of flair that is trendy and versatile all-in-one.


NB- 18-24 Months and 2t-12 years Top
Designed for Knit Fabrics
3 sleeve lengths (option to make 3/4 & long sleeve bubble)
Layered Printing (save on paper and print only the size you need)
Easy to read visual and written instructions
Imperial and Metric
Printing/Cutting guide
Quick Sew instructions (for those who prefer verbiage)

Hazel is not lined a simple knit interfacing gives it the nice finished neckline.  I used the Ivory Floral in rayon/spandex blend from Sew Precious Fabrics! The fabric has great drape and is very light making it perfect for summer.


So you’re probably wondering why it looks like a dress! Well my mini is quite short for her age. So most tops turn into tunic or dress length. This is supposed to be a top, but a simple modification by adding length to the skirt and you have a dress ❤ I would suggest if adding length, make sure to use clear elastic for stabilizer. As the added weight of the skirt might cause pulling.


Here is the bubble sleeve at 3/4 length. The bubble I feel really completes this whole boho look. There is a band at the bottom of the sleeves which allows the sleeve to get its bubble look and fits nicely around the arm. IMG_3074

So what else rounds off this look!!? Duh, Jasper Vest! I used neoprene I found at Joann Fabrics. Jasper it’s intended to be a lined/bordered vest, but I wanted something light for summer.  So this version is not lined and the edges are left raw. I’m completely in love with this look.


2t – 12 years
Over-sized vest, fully lined
Optional pockets and bias tape boarder
Ideal fabric for main: Faux fur, Sherpa, Fleece
Lining: denim, canvas, duck cloth
easy to read visual and written instructions
layered printing (save on paper and print only the size you need)
Metric and Imperial measurements


Jasper Vest has the perfect amount of drape regardless how how stiff your fabric is. If any of you have used neoprene, it has some structure. So to get a nice willowy look says a lot about the design. IMG_3150


One more before you delve into your sewing room! lol Of course for summer I need patterns to be versatile. So I hacked Hazel by adding lining and now I have a simple sleeveless Hazel! IMG_3293

Now you have the best of both worlds, Hazel and Jasper are perfect for any season. With the right fabric and the perfect hacks you can “Make it Your Own.” Make sure to to drop in at the PSco fan page as I share some photos of my Sleeveless Hazel ❤

If you would like to be in the know with Petite Stitchery & Co. and Sew Precious Fabrics click on the links below!

Petite Stitchery & Co:


Sew Precious Fabrics:

Thank you so much for reading! Please share your creations as I would love to see what you create!

Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo ❤ Sofia

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