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I know we’re still in the midst of summer here in the Mid-West, but believe it or not the school year is approaching… and fast! So what better way to than to grab some PSco favorites and sew them for all seasons.

I wish I could just walk away… but Ruby Romper has me wrapped around her finger. lol. And since she’s a favorite, I have perfected Ruby and can finish in under an hour now. So what is this Ruby I speak of!?

Ruby Romper Features:

NB – 3T
Halter or Cross-back Straps
Shorts or Pants
Optional snap crotch
Elastic casing for legs
Layered Printing (print only size you need to save on ink and paper)
Imperial and Metric measurements
Easy to understand visual and written instructions
Pro?! Quick reference instructions

If you would like to see a slight hack/mod I did with ruby romper click, HERE. I mashed with another PSco favorite and achieved the perfect summer look. IMG_3953

Ruby has the options to be mashed with Maize to give it a more Autumn feel, you can find the bundle, HERE. But I wanted to still have my retro Ruby functional for summer. I opted for a different route and decided to layer with Sapphire Layering Top.

Sapphire Layering Top Features:

Babies NB- 18-24 months or Girls 2t- 12 yrs
3 Sleeve lengths: short, 3/4 or long sleeve
Flutter options (add flutters to sleeve to give it edge.)
Optional sleeve ruffles
Layered printing (print only the size you need to save on ink and paper.)
Imperial and Metric measurements
Easy to understand visual and written instructions
Pro?! Quick reference instructions

Sapphire top with shoulder flutters paired with Fawns leggings (tuxedo)

I’m going to share with you some past & recent photos of my Ruby Romper & Sapphire. I have yet to make pants Ruby! That is on my list once the winter months hit… but I’m not rushing it. My daughter is usually in a romper from March to October. Once it starts to get cooler I layer allowing her Ruby’s get maximum wear.



My daughter is 3 and when she has to use the potty she just slips off the straps. Since she is Miss. Independent, I find the straps work best. A great alternative is the snaps. But I find the straps make it perfect for toddlers who want to be independent but don’t have the fine motor skills to unsnap or untie.

So of course, Ruby only goes to size 3t. But the Sapphire Layering top has the full size range allowing it to be perfect for your back to school wardrobe. Either way, If you’re looking for a versatile romper Ruby is it. Sapphire will not disappoint as its an essential for your LO collection.

Please feel free to share your creations for summer or back to school with the rest of the Petite Stitchery & co community. Click on the links below and it will allow you to stay up to date and be in the know with the latest releases and current sales.

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Thank you so much for reading!

Peace, Love & Bedoo Bedoo – Sofia ❤

ALL links in regards to to PSco are affiliate links.



Click HERE to check out more photos from my Spring photoshoot ❤


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