Tying knots with #421myersdesignstudio

So what better way to wind down the week with some free patterns! This is exactly what I needed after a hectic week filled of packing & moving. First thing that was unloaded  and made tidy  (while drinking a large glass of wine, lol) was my sewing machine and fabric… #priorities #421myers While settling in… Continue reading Tying knots with #421myersdesignstudio

2016: Create Kids Couture Virtual Stitch Expo

Have you been looking for that one of a kind outfit and don’t know where to look? Well, look no further! Create Kids Couture will be featuring some amazing & talented seamstresses in the 2016 Summer Virtual Stitch Expo. What is a virtual stitch expo? One stop shop to view specialty made outfits from Create… Continue reading 2016: Create Kids Couture Virtual Stitch Expo

Sammy & Samantha : Laela Jeyne Patterns

So I’ve been seriously slacking and it’s not intentional. We’ve been in the middle of a move and have finally got settled and unpacked. Prior to our move I procrastinated big time packing up my sewing room… but with good reason! Lol So what’s this good reason you ask!? Well today Laela Jeyne Patterns just… Continue reading Sammy & Samantha : Laela Jeyne Patterns

Meet Alejandra : Create Kids Couture

The perfect design released today from Create Kids Couture. If you’re looking for something elegant, classy, sleek and so much more… look no further. Alejandra’s Ruffle Maxi Dress offers comfort and class all in one look. This design has been in the works for quite sometime.  Elizabeth the Designer  & mastermind behind Alejandra’s wanted the perfect look… Continue reading Meet Alejandra : Create Kids Couture